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Stoic Serenity 3.6: Mice, Tarzan, & Seneca—Debriefing of Letter 90

After tackling Seneca’s extremely-intriguing Letter 90, we use today’s post to debrief. We’ll cover:

  • A Trip to the Zoo
  • Themes from Seneca’s Letter 90
  • Is Seneca advocating socialism?
  • The Expansion of Luxury
  • Slaves Under Marble & Gold
  • Increase of technological advancement = decrease of wisdom?
  • So what’s the point?
  • Assignment!

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Stoic Serenity 3.5: Luxury, Luxury, Luxury

Today’s post is simply Seneca’s Letter 90 “On the Part Played by Philosophy in the Progress of Man”. As always, I’ve changed some of the wording in places in order to aid comprehension. This one’s quite long, so I’ve tried to break it up with lots of pictures and captions. This letter is quite thought-provoking, quite truthful, perhaps quite controversial. Feel free to share your thoughts on this one! We’ll debrief tomorrow.

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