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Role Models

Stoic Week 2015 centered on Marcus Aurelius and opened with the same theme shared in the first few pages of Meditations: role models.

I’ve never been one to consciously consider my own role models, although I know I have them. I suppose my pessimistic nature is more inclined to make a list of people from whom I’ve learned how not to act. Nevertheless, here is my own list of role models. I’ve tried to keep the attributes related to Stoicism. Here goes: Read more of this post

Stoic Serenity 3.4: Self-examination

For a rational creature, to act according to Nature and to act according to reason is one and the same.

(Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 7.11)

Consider every word and action that is in line with Reason to be the one you should take. Do not be distracted by the criticism and gossip that may result. If it is the right thing to say or do, then it is the right action for you to take. The rest of the people have their own guiding center; they follow their own impulses. Don’t waste your energy worrying about their opinions. Keep your focus directly on your course; guide yourself with your own nature and follow the Universal Nature, for the two of these share the same path.

(Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 5.3)

We’re finishing chapter 3 of Stoic Serenity (we will begin the related exercises next) and what it means to “live according to Nature.” Let’s review: Read more of this post

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