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Stoic Serenity 5.5.4: Epictetus’ Revolutionary Idea

Yesterday we ended with Marcus’ “Ten Commandments” for dealing with difficult people. In short, he wrote that we should respond to difficult people with kindness, including gently correcting them. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. If we admonish people with hatred or spite in our own hearts, we’re being hypocritical: we’d be telling them to stop acting on their own anger while we ourselves are speaking out of anger.
  2. No one likes to be reproached anyway. Most people won’t even take kindly to constructive criticism. But there’s a much better chance at them accepting constructive criticism if it is presented out of kindness rather than out of spite.

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Stoic Serenity 5.5.3: Marcus’ Ten Commandments

No, this is not a picture of me smuggling my guinea pigs. I only have three. That keeps me clear away from being a weird guinea pig lady, right?

Here’s the deal. Today, my apartment complex is replacing air filters, checking smoke detector batteries, etc. And a potential tenant is coming to look at my apartment this afternoon. The problem? I have guinea pigs. Haha. Usually “maintenance day” isn’t a problem, but since someone is also coming to see my apartment to possibly rent, I couldn’t hide the pigs securely. So I spent yesterday evening disassembling their cage, and I got up this morning at 5:00 to smuggle the pigs into my car under the cover of darkness. Is it going against Virtue to smuggle guinea pigs in and out of your apartment? Probably. Oh well, this is one thing Stoicism isn’t touching. 😀 So since I”m taking the pigs for a “field trip” around town today (this is what happens when you’re waiting for your first day at your new job.—Oh by the way, I got a job 🙂  )—so since we are on a field trip today, I’m currently at a coffee shop with a backpack full of books (story of my life since I was 3). But the catch is that I only have Gregory Hays’ “A New Translation” of the Meditations with me on my Kindle. I’m not a huge fan of this translation. It’s a bit too cryptic and mysterious for me. It sounds like Zen Buddhist writings, which is fine, but it’s very different from the more literal translations. So if you’re reading this post and wondering why Marcus seems to have a personality disorder today, that’s why. Read more of this post

Stoic Serenity 5.4: Equanimity

My apologies if this post ends up littered with mistakes… After wishing for sleep for the past four hours, I’ve decided to acknowledge that “the obstacle is the way” and utilize this time at 4:00 am to get back to the Stoicism studies, instead of becoming angry at the chronic pain that breeds insomnia. Chronic physical pain isn’t in my control anyway, right? So I’ll do what’s actually in my control and aim to publish this blog post. 🙂 Let’s see what we have scheduled for today…. Ah, a lesson regarding “The Equanimity of the Wise Person.”

equanimity – mental composure; “keeping your cool”

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