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The Discipline of Assent: Pricing Your Inventory

A couple of days ago I wrote about impressions and my experience with impressions at the home improvement store. Impressions are that “feeling” you get when you have an experience, and if you’d like to read more, you can check out that post here. Epictetus’ third discipline of Stoicism, the discipline of assent, is closely linked to impressions because if impressions are the “feeling” you get, then assent is your decision to accept that feeling as reality. In the original Greek, the word means “approve, agree, or ‘go along with.'”

“Thus, when we assent to an impression (phantasia), we are committing ourselves to it as a correct representation of how things are and are saying, ‘Yes, this is how it is.'”

(Seddon, Epictetus’ Handbook and the Tablet of Cebes, p.18)

Therefore, the discipline of assent basically means that we are learning how to make accurate interpretations of our experiences based on facts and not on feelings. Read more of this post

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