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I first got acquainted with Stoicism by chance when I was battling my darkest depression. That was exactly two years ago. My life has turned a 180 since then. Two years ago, I physically could not get out of bed until 3:00 in the afternoon. I ate a cookie or biscuit for daily sustenance. I had no job and no support system. My life was full of people rejecting me, and I was left on my own to deal with it (apart from my roommate at the time who tried her best to be supportive). I was wasting away.

Enter Stoicism. A philosophical belief system that told me to refocus my desires. Who cares about the corrupt administration in your last job (and the fact that your peers think lesser of you for exposing that corruption)? At least you can be an upright person. I clung to it. Powerful quotes that could bring goosebumps… That could make perfect sense of this picture below…cosmos-giordano-bruno

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A Morning Contemplation

It’s Sunday, and I woke up at 6:00am for fun.

Actually, I’m trying to add some intention to my daily life. So I did wake up early. I woke up to watch the sunrise, and it was awesome.

At 6:00am, I pulled on a sweater and shoes, made a latte in the kitchen, and headed out in the dark to my front porch, to sit, observe, and contemplate the sunrise. I was apprehensive at first. Since I had decided last night to do this, I thought, Am I crazy for waking up early on the weekend? This is my last day to sleep in, since work starts again tomorrow. But as soon as I stepped out the door into the darkness, I was immersed in the cool air and a sea of crickets and robins singing. That’s when I got excited. Read more of this post

Role Models

Stoic Week 2015 centered on Marcus Aurelius and opened with the same theme shared in the first few pages of Meditations: role models.

I’ve never been one to consciously consider my own role models, although I know I have them. I suppose my pessimistic nature is more inclined to make a list of people from whom I’ve learned how not to act. Nevertheless, here is my own list of role models. I’ve tried to keep the attributes related to Stoicism. Here goes: Read more of this post

Stoicism When it Starts Coming Naturally

Greetings everyone.

It has been quite a while since I last updated this blog—I took on a new full-time job in my career field, and the training has been intense, leaving me little to no energy outside of work to update the blog. But after five and a half months, I have more or less reached a level of stability in my job, and what better time to rev up the Stoic studies once more than with the arrival of Stoic Week 2015?

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A Personal Reflection: The Ebb & Flow of Fortune

Disclaimer: This post is rated PG-13 due to mild cursing (with ridiculous $ymbols
to "censor" it) and mild themes of violence.

If there’s one “bizarre” Stoic principle that has crept into my belief system (and by “bizarre,” I mean that it really doesn’t have a strong presence in modern society), it’s the concept that “Fortune” is nothing but cycles, ebb and flow, high tide and low tide, periods of bad luck and good luck.

I like that the ancients personified Fortune. Her name became a proper noun. It just made it more simple to conceive of a lady that either took you out with the whack of a club or showered you with gold coins than to try to figure out what was really at work behind the scenes of life. So it’s not that I refer to proper-noun Fortune because I think she’s a real deity. (I don’t think bipolar sociopathic deities should be allowed to exist anyway). But I do it because it’s just easier for me to conceive of this way. Read more of this post

A Personal Reflection: Confessions

Yesterday was supposed to be an exciting day. It turned out to be bizarre.

I went to my job interview. I feel like it went well. But based on the past six months and what Stoicism teaches me, I’m doing my best not to get my hopes up. It’s actually going pretty well. For myself, I can simply “go to a job interview, do my best, and accept either outcome.” I know that’s reality. But it’s been difficult dealing with the influences from well-meaning friends and family: “You got this one! Everything will turn out great! They’d be stupid not to hire you!”

We all know these bits of “encouragement.” Certainly friends and family are well-meaning. But it doesn’t prepare us for reality. “They’d be stupid not to hire you”? Maybe. But then I’ve had a lot of encounters with “stupid” people recently. Of course, responding in such a manner makes your friends view you as extremely pessimistic and like you have no goals in life. No, I do have a goal to get a job so I can pay my bills. But I also acknowledge that simply having the right qualifications and background doesn’t mean you’ll get hired. People are full of judgements, and so there’s an element of chance involved when we are trying to get hired. Read more of this post

A Personal Reflection: Debates, Love, & Taxes

A rough day today. I feel extremely melancholy. Maybe I’m just coming down from my “emotional high” (if you can call it a “high.” It felt more like an “emotional neutral”). But I can pinpoint a few ongoings behind my emotions. Yesterday, I spent an hour or two debating on the internet with a few others in a group. It was a cordial debate; in the spirit of debate. An attempt to defend our own opinions while entertaining the ideas of others. A sort of mental exchange. It ended with one another person saying to me, “I respectfully disagree. I believe ______.” I replied, “Perhaps. I could entertain that idea.” “Likewise,” they said. And that was that. We agreed to disagree, as the cliche goes. In my view, this is how the world should be ideally.

The problem with the world is not that so many people disagree with each other, but that they think they need to agree.

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