Journey through Every Country

map-wallpaper-5Hi everyone,

While this post isn’t related to Stoicism, I hope that among the readers here I will find both forgiveness and other individuals who share similar interests—If I say the words “travel, culture, history, sociology, anthropology,” and if one of those words sparks your interest, read on:

About two years ago, I was gifted an awesome book at Christmas: The Travel Book. It’s a coffee table book with a two-page spread for each country in the world. Each spread contains a couple of photos from the country, some geographic/demographic facts, and my favorite part: suggestions on books, food, music, movies, etc. to give you a feel for that country.

Why am I telling you this? Because I really want to “Journey through Every Country,” and I really want to do it in a group. I’d love to be in a group that can collectively recommend and decide which book we’ll read (and discuss!) for the given country, and everyone could share their music, videos, recipes, and other suggestions. So if you’re at all interested, or if you have a friend who might be interested, check out the Facebook group here. (You can also search for “Journey through Every Country”). Let’s give it a go! I’m really looking forward to this!



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