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Here’s the deal: if you’ve read any handful of posts on this blog, you know that Seneca is my favorite of the three most famous Stoics. I enjoy his letters so much that I splurged and bought the newly-released Letters on Ethics published by Cambridge University Press (after waiting for it for a year!). I’ve been enjoying the introductory material and reading a letter each evening or so, when I decided I wanted to have Seneca’s letters on audio recording. Yes, these can sometimes be found on Youtube or on other websites, but sometimes the older translations can use an interesting vocabulary, which was a hindrance several weeks ago when my boyfriend (whose native language is not English) and I wanted to listen to Seneca during a road trip. So I wanted to listen to Seneca’s words in simple clarity, to free the mind from the tangles of vocabulary and syntax, and enable the mind to delve deep and explore the actual content.

So after reading both older translations of Letters from a Stoic and the 2015 Letters on Ethics, I have produced an audio recording that is similar to the way I include Seneca’s letters in my blog posts. Some words are changed, some parts may be slightly paraphrased, all is done in effort to convey the original meaning and to ease understanding.

Check back for updates. New audio recordings will be added to this page, but no email/blog updates will be sent, if you’ve subscribed.



One response to “Audio Recordings

  1. Harry November 28, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    Hi, I’m wondering why you were waiting for that particular edition of the Letters? I think that would make for an interesting blog post on its own, if you haven’t addressed it elsewhere.

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