Welcome to Starting Out with Stoicism. This blog is intended to present the teachings of Stoicism in a way that anyone can understand. My goal is to present Stoicism as a real-life philosophy with real-life application.

At the moment, I am personally working through Keith Seddon’s book, Stoic Serenity: A Practical Course on Finding Inner Peace. I’m paraphrasing and pulling key points from each of the lessons as I work my way through, as well as drawing from other internet sources.

If you’d like to start from the beginning, hover over “Stoic Serenity” in the black menu above and choose the first lesson: 1.1: Zeno of Citium.

Please feel free to comment and engage in discussion. Many of the posts have “assignments” and I would really enjoy it if we could share what we come up with. I highly encourage any readers who have questions or thoughts about the lessons to post, as well as any readers who have been able to apply the Stoic teachings to real life!

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